My narrative is based on the story of a good friend, who gave me permission to use it: she resisted the incest of the father – just as the girl in the movie – by telling the mother at the kitchen table that a robber came last night. Since then the father has left her in peace.
Since I have been thorougly considering the issue, I have become aware, that my friend is not an exception or a rare case. Sexual assaults within families occur frighteningly often. The personal damages are extensive, it is possible that many a mental disorder can be traced back to an instances of abuse.
When the media covers the issue of sexual abuse, in the majority of cases it is the gruesome ones – the images are presumably present in all our minds. However, in my movie, the topic is that of sexual abuse in the manner in which it occurs in approximately every tenth family. I am interested in the cases no one speaks of. I am interested in family secrets.
I can’t put the atrociousnes of what the girl in my movie experiences into words – and neither do
I wish to. I am concerned with the visualisation of the inner conflict of the girl. I will go without showing explicit sexual acts in the movie. The viewer will be challenged to empathize with the girl.
I can only believingly narrate themes that move me. The issue of sexual abuse has preoccupied me for a long time – because know of it from my closer environment. Therefore I had an inner urge to make this movie.