Cameraman Jonas Jäggy thinking about tactical Problaems


Making a movie on sexual abuse on children was a big personal challenge. A lot of elements of my project were difficult to control. How is the child going to play? How are the ants going to act? And if the shooting had also been on the water, unpredictability would have been complete.
It was also a venture to shoot the movie with the equipment we had - the camera crane was quite loose, but we were also not able to afford a new crane. We also could have needed a new DIT and a production assistance team, which all would have made the movie production easier.

Nevertheless, I knew that I was working with a good team. The cameraman had an accomplished lighting technician and a camera assistant. In addition to them I also had a person for make-up, one responsible for equipment and one for props. All these people were certainly very important and crucial for our movie production. I don’t think we would have done it without them.

In addition to everything else, the personal strain I had was also substantial. To bring such a precarious topic to light longs for a lot courage, and the fear of the project failing was always on my tail. However, it showed, that the insecurity I felt, could be put to rest with a well thought through preparation. I had a seven-day-week over months and months, which I was glad to take on, because I was already able to trigger reactions in this long development phase: people who were involved in the project started to tell me about their personal contact with this subject matter. This gave me an insight on the importance of my work and contribution.

My movie should not be soothing to the viewer, it should stir him or her up. I want people and society to speak about sexual abuse and I hope that the movie will find its way into their minds and conversation topics.